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Best Education Problem Solutions Specialist in India

Education Problems Solution Specialist in IndiaEducation Problem Solutions Specialist in India -

Pandit Mukesh Sharma ji is a well know Astrologer who is famous as Education Problems Solution Specialist in India. Astrologer Mukesh Sharma is capable of solving all your Life’s problems like Children’s Education problems, Family Problems; Financial problems, Love relationship problems and much more with his acquired Siddhis in Astrology. All his expertise’s makes him best Education Problems Solution Specialist in India.

Education is considered as the Base in one’s Life. Good Education offers a person ample opportunity that can be used to shape the Life. Knowledge is considered as to know about everything that the God has created and Ignorance of Knowledge is considered as the Curse. We can choose best of our Life only with the help of Good Education. Education works like a tool to give shape to our Life.


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Today, the meaning of Education has changed. In the past time, the main purpose of Education is to create mannerism in the children as per the social norms and requirements. In present time, people think and look differently on every particular subject matter.  Today, education is not just grammar but with the advancement of the Technology a large number of Streams/Fields has come up to choose from for the career. But generally students remain confused regarding which stream they should choose for their better future.

Aptitude of any children plays a very important role while deciding any field for education. In countries where career opportunities are very less like India it is not possible for every child to achieve the Career Stream of his/her choice.

Education Problem Solution Specialist in India - Astrologer Mukesh Sharma

How Astrology Helps in Child Education

Education Problems Solution Specialist in IndiaAstrology comes as helping hand for every problematic aspects of Life. It is a kind of a common thing that Technicians, Engineers are doing banking jobs/Clerical jobs or vice versa. Astrology can change the tendencies of any person so that he can achieve perfection in one’s career. Astrology can throw the light on the Livelihood of a one’s life which generally may be not; the same in which the person has acquired perfection.

Astrology can helps the parents as well as children to choose right subjects from the very beginning of the studies. Children don’t know which way they want to go for their better future. They remain confused regarding what they want to study. Positions of Planets and Stars in child’s Horoscope indicate the type of Profession or Education that proves to be the best.

Rahu planet is the Karak of the Technology. In today’s technology era, everyone is using Computers no matters where is Rahu placed in their Kundali/Horoscope. In order to have a successful career in Computers, Rahu should be well placed in 3rd, 5th, 10th and 9th house. Successful Engineers and Programmers have strong conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Rahu.

Mercury = Logics and understandings

Rahu = Computers

Mars + Ketu = Electronics

Common Signs that indicates that your Children is having Problems in Education

  • Drop in marks almost in all subjectsEducation Problems Solution Specialist in India
  • Less Confident
  • Lack of Connections and Involvements with others
  • Not interested in Friends and Activities
  • Embarrassment while talking with others
  • Resistance while doing homework
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Feeling of Boredom while Learning
  • Detentions at working/Studying place
  • Not feeling Challenged enough
  • Behavior Problems
  • Bad Experiences of being bullied
  • Bullying Habits

Sometimes problems can be easily spot out if your Child walk in and talk by himself/herself. But most of the Students Hide Problems from their peers specially Parents. Students with problems in Education often copy their work; most of the time pretends to be Sick or may be not being reports at Home. In these cases, it is difficult for most of the parents to pick their children’s Problem. Parents should seek professional Help at that time.

 How Astrology Influence the Education 

Best Education Problems Solution Specialist in IndiaIn Astrology, Jupiter is the main Karaka for the Education/ Knowledge of the Children. Best results in education come when Jupiter is positioned with the Lord of Fifth House in the Kendra or Trikona. For more excellence astrology can also well place Mercury in the Horoscope because Mercury is the Karka of Intelligence.   

In Astrology, if we want to determine the area of study for the child that we consider the Second house. Main house of Education is 5th house. 8th House is important for the study of research and magic. For determining the ability of Expression and primary Education, we consider 2nd House in the Horoscope. 9th House is considered as the House of Higher Learning like Spirituality.

If Venus planet is strong in one’s Horoscope than the native has the tendency of artistic work like dancing, painting, music and tourism.

Combination of Moon, Rahu and Saturn with Mars planet is strong then the native is more likely to choose the field of Doctor, engineer or Surgeon.

Ketu planet represents Electronic field.

Planet Saturn symbolizes the Earth hence the influenced person choose the fields of Minerals, Mines and Petroleum etc.

Effects of Adverse planets grip the Child by influencing the child’s Ability and Choices.  The Child has very little or no knowledge when 5th and 2nd house is badly affected along with their Lords.

Those who are Confused with the Education of their child should take the Advice of our Education Problems Solution Specialist Mukesh Sharma ji. It is important that Child should get Knowledge according to the Positions of the influencing Plants in the Natal Chart.

Why Astrologer Mukesh Sharma as Best Education Solution Specialist in India

Astrologer Mukesh Sharma has acquired many Sidhis and Tantras. He is an expert Astrologer with Specialization in Vashikaran and Black Magic. Pandit Mukesh Sharma ji will take note of Adverse Planetary effects that brings Obstacles in the Academic performance of your Child. Pandit ji will closely analyze the Horoscope of your child and placed the education influencing planets with their Lords to the right positions/houses in the birth chart. He will guide you regarding study prospects of your children.


Astrologer Mukesh Sharma can solve all your life’s problems like Child Behavior Problems, Child Education Problems, Relationship Problems, Family Problems and much more with his most effective Astrology and Vashikaran Remedies. If looking for best Astrology services that must contact our specialist Astrologer Mukesh Sharma ji at +91- 8289036813 and for more information email at

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